Happy Caturday!


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cat garden center

I just loved this little statuary cat at the garden center. When I returned the next day, she was gone.




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jeanine bear 1jeanine bear 3

I am just going to admit it. For a long time, I’ve have had a bit of a grudge against digital photography. It’s like there was some inner voice in my head yelling, “YOU! YOU are the reason I can’t find film locally! YOU are the reason I can’t shoot chrome! YOU ruined photography for me!” I had only been using my digital camera for snapshot type stuff.

The reality is though, that there’s nothing I can do about it. Where I was previously just working with light, I’m now having to work with “settings” and various programs, slowly, grudgingly, learning the details of the camera machine.

I’ve had some people nudging me to start taking photos again. To give it some real effort. And then that nudge became a shove. Oh, I don’t know… it has been so long. I think the hamster that ran the wheel behind the creative part of my brain, long since passed away and turned to dust. *kick* Okay, okay, I’m on it!

As for the bear, well… at some point during every shoot, it’s an absolute necessity to screw around. If you would like to follow my photos, done with my replacement hamster in training, I did create a secondary blog here on wordpress.com just for that purpose. My digital creative blog can be found here. More photos, fewer words.

Hello, spring color!


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tulips pick field

We recently made the road trip down to Woodland to see the tulip field at Holland America Bulb Farm.

Oh, let’s rewind a bit. Did I mention we now own a dog? It’s been a bit of an adjustment this past year. As in, when was the last time the dog was let outside to do his business? How many times a day does he eat? How much food? How much poop? There was no precise instruction manual. And, let’s not forget: “Hey! Kitty does not like having her butt sniffed!” We pretty much have it all down now, but there is the issue of whether to take him with us or not when we’re going to be away for a while.

The website did say we could bring him as long as he was on a leash, but upon arrival, we did see a sign that there were no dogs allowed in the tulip fields. Shocking! No, it really wasn’t. I envisioned him romping through and flattening the display fields. How horrifying would that have been?

tulips brett and ralphie 4x6

So, Brett being the good sport that he can be, waited out on the sidelines, while I frolicked in the tulips. It turned out, the floral display wasn’t the only attraction that day, as there’s just something about a dog with a puffy tail that some find irresistible.

tulips brett and ralphie 2