Please, sir, I want some more.


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royal blue 612 b

I somehow made it through the first trip to the plant nursery this spring, purchasing only what I needed, and… ohmygoshthoseflowerssobigandblue… one shiny. Gentiana angustifolia – hybr. (Leach)

Just one… egadzitssoamazingmaybeIshouldgobackandgetanotherone… Do you know how hard for me that is? butitsagroundcoverIshouldhavegottenseveralatleast


This Caturday, someone new.


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oli 055

On our last visit, the vet called Amelia the “o” word. You know… obese. How rude.

I had always thought of her as just being somewhat stout. The sad truth is, that as a house kitty, she had grown a bit lazy. She wanted nothing to do with the special diet food from the vet, and my attempts to keep her moving beyond her normal routine proved fruitless. We needed something to get our (no longer so) tiny creature on the road to a higher activity level. Something like… a persistent playmate.

Meet Olive. After numerous visits to the local feline rescue, where there were some very lovely creatures to choose from, we arrived home with a most ordinary looking kitten of extraordinary personality.

Happy Caturday! =^..^=

Not like it used to be


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halloween 101313 628

Is Halloween dying or do I currently live in an area where people can’t be bothered with it? Some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around Halloween trick or treating. It wasn’t the candy, but rather the excitement of seeing how each neighbor had spooked out their house. In that place, at that time, there were very few homes that weren’t decorated for the date.

In this place, at this time, things are quite the opposite. How disappointing. Both this year, and the year before, I actually found myself thinking, Why bother? when October raised it’s pumpkin head. But no, no. That would be giving in. As long as kids keep showing up at my door shouting, “Trick or treat!” I will keep decorating.

As for my neighbors, perhaps I should hand out toilet paper and eggs with the candy. 😉

This Fall, we’re planting… nothing.


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tulips 1 615

Every Fall, I look forward to seeing the bulbs show up at the local nursery. However, in past years, I’ve gotten carried away. Now, there isn’t a spot where I could possibly plant a shovel without hitting a bulb, rhizome, or root. Last year, we planted Orange Emperor and Pink Darwin tulips. There was a grand plan, but the reality of getting them planted was a bit like a blind shell game of What bulb is in this hole? This year, I think I will just leave it be and see what comes back in the spring.

tulips 2 615