This blog is completely themeless, as I always seem to be broadening my interests. There are some topics though, that I post quite a bit about.

My photos: Photographs of my garden, pets, places – wherever life may take me, and even a few of family and friends.

Gardening: I am in western Washington, USDA hardiness zone 7b, AHS heat zone 4. My gardening technique would be best described as a sort of a trial and error method. Despite any research that I may do into what plant should thrive where, I find that nature often has plans otherwise.

Vintage photos: Although I enjoy old movies and historical notes, it’s actually my love of photography (the kind shot on film and printed in a darkroom) that keeps me posting them.

Cats: Years ago, on another site, I was talked into posting cats on Saturdays, a.k.a. – Caturdays. It’s a hard habit to break, so expect an occasional Caturday post. MEOW =^..^=

Digital imaging: I categorize these as “digital doodles” and they are not meant to be taken as anything beyond what the category implies. To me, they are simply a modern alternative to what used to be sketching on a desk calendar.

Then, there is everything else: Itty bitty bits of fiction, general geekery, interesting quotes, random found things, and whatever else may strike my fancy at the moment. In other words, you may find yourself scrolling through photos and garden info, and then all of a sudden, you hit a post about Star Trek. It happens. That’s me.

Other Sites

I do not do facebook. I rarely check into twitter, and I am certain that the sound of crickets chirping can often be heard on my LJ and tumblr accounts, as well. I do have a secondary wordpress.com blog, dedicated to to my photography: teriscreativejournal.wordpress.com.

Where have I been?

Oh! Have I been away for a bit? Life is what happens when I’m not online. Without time away, I would have nothing to post about!


18 thoughts on “About”

  1. Rebecca the Rude said:

    I am leaving a comment to see if I can. If I can’t I am coming to your house to RUDE you. RUDE!


  2. Liza Marie said:

    Take the plunge, you won’t regret it. Blogged (publicly) for a long time and kinda miss it. You meet very unique people.


  3. I love this! Xoxoxo


  4. Testing!!! You there?! Hehe! Muahs!xxx


  5. Splendid stuff, Teri, love it!


  6. Testing again! I thought my comment went through, last time..Rude of this site to delete it..LOL! XOXOXO


  7. Why this no workie?


  8. I also have the same problem as different fields interest me, gardening, old films, photography, vintage subjects… I tend to mix it all on my twitter account but yet it is not the same. perhaps one day i should create a themeless blog as well! Cheers


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