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We have just returned from the Oregon coast, where Mona had been wonderful enough to rent a beach house for a family get together. This was my first time meeting a lot of the people who came out to the house, and not everyone is pictured here.

Wait, hold on… You need the soundtrack for this one.

Brett is about to get cheesy. Bill with his tiny ice cream cone cracks me up.

In the self wandering tour of the Tillamook Cheese Factory, we were able to watch the whole process through giant glass wall to wall windows. Looking down on the factory, I couldn’t help but wonder what it was like to work in an aquarium. It was such a shame that the workers couldn’t float up to the tourists in little hot air balloons or jet packs and say hello, much like the sea mammals at a marine park. Hey, it’s just the way my mind works.

I loved the display of vintage cheese making devices and various advertisements. You know how I love my vintage things. πŸ˜‰

I really didn’t think we would be picking up any cheese or ice cream, as we can find it in our local grocery, but OMG! Why do they not have these flavors in our stores?! Garlic, and peppers, and smoked whatchamacallit! We ended up filling up on ice cream, and bringing 4 bricks of cheese home with us. How could we not, after making it through the cheese sampling line?

What? We’re heading to a blimp hangar next?! Yes indeedly, a blimp hangar, now converted into an aircraft museum. Off to the Tillamook Air Museum!

I may have wandered a bit past the visitors boundary sign to get this shot of the hangar. Whoopsie. I only saw the back of the sign. Nothing but blank wood!

Rob and Marci always manage to crack me up.

Brett shifting into meddling kid mode.

This was my first time meeting Bill and Marci. They are adorable together! Yes, we do have 2 Marcis. The running joke of the week was that anyone getting a hug between the two of them was caught in a Marci sandwich.

Why are you staring at the ocean, Rob? Get the food on the grill! LOL

Mona and Bob, with their 2 wee ones. I suspect the boys were getting tired of having their picture taken at this point, but I just love Mona and Bob in this one.

Rob and Marci with Sydney and Megan.