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As the flowers of spring begin to fade away, it’s the foliage that is now taking center stage. Japanese maples thrive here, and as such, I think they put out one of the most spectacular displays of anything that one might grow here.

Acer palmatum ‘Kinran’ is one of my favorites, now showing its early summer color. The name translates to something along the lines of woven with threads of gold. I first learned of this one in a book by J.D. Vertrees, and just HAD to have one. I acquired it about ten years ago as a one gallon tree, back then, about the size of pencil. It’s been my happy potted patio tree buddy ever since.

Unfortunately, this will be its last year on our deck, as it has outgrown its spot. Now, a giant ball of color, I’m expecting it to be a 2 person repotting job for early next spring, and at that time, we will have to move its glory somewhere a bit more spacious.

No, you may NOT have it. We love it like a pet.