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I hear that we are in for a warm day today. It will be nice to drop some layers and work on some warm weather chores. Now, as how to start the morning… coffee or tea?

I’ve been contemplating some creative planter ideas, and after having browsed the local nurseries, I am shocked at how much it would cost to buy a decent looking one. Yesterday, I actually came across across a fabulously simple concrete planter, shallow in design, and about 18″ in length, with a price tag of $89. That is insane! It looks like I’ll be putting my brain cells to work on making containers of my own.

As for these images, they have been viral on some of the Whovian sites I shamefully check in on, and it took me a while to find the actual sources.

1 – “Caffeinate!” Photo taken at a Starbucks in New Jersey by Hailey.
2 – “Domesticate” Photo taken of a domesticated alarm clock Dalek by batchix.
3 – “Ex-Germinate!” Dalek planter built and photographed by Chris Balcombe.

I wonder if Mr. Balcombe would be willing to part with his planter. heehee

Have a wonderful day!