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It seems I’ve been posting mostly Caturdays. Someone recently asked me, “What’s with all of the cats? Is it a cat blog?”

E-gadz, no! Truth be told is that time flies, and I always seem to end up checking in on Caturday. I can only say that I have been meaning to get other posts up, but at the moment, they are but half written drafts. For now, it’s Vincent Price, typecast-ically photographed with a black kitty for Smirnoff. I love coming across photos like this, because if we were to see one ad, and then the other separately, we would likely see them as being the same photo. Side by side though, it’s like a game of Spot the Difference.

Why do I not post dogs? I lerve dogs. However, there is no day that rhymes with “dog” and to say that a day has “gone to the dogs” seems somewhat derogatory. I also currently don’t have one in my life, although I’m sure that one will find his or her way to me.

While I’m on the topic of Vincent Price and dogs, I was delighted to recently discover that he had written a book about his dog. The title, “The Book of Joe – About a dog and his man.” I adore that he wrote a book about his dog, and am also amused at how I’m able to relate some of the illustrations to snippets about Mr. Price that I’ve seen elsewhere.

That this book exists, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Unicorns, hearts and rainbows are popping up in bubbles overhead.

I’m learning that finding a clean and intact copy of this one, complete with dust jacket, is not the easiest thing in the world. The illustrations viewed here were found via.