Woe is me. I have run out of Doctor Who DVDs to watch.

What shall I do now?!

Curse you, free Super Saver Shipping method! So slow…

The funny thing is, I never thought I would like this show. There was actually a lot of arm twisting involved in getting me to watch it. I was just fine with my Stars – Trek, Wars, and Galactica. I felt no need to expand my geekiness. After all, too much would have allowed an impression of… indignity. I couldn’t have people pointing at me, and saying, “Oh, she’s one of THOSE.”

Stereotypically, at my age, I should be sitting around with a cup of tea in one hand, discussing current events, but all I can think of on that note is, What a horrible way to ruin a good cup of tea.

(Nifty comic via: wallabri.tumblr.com)