I often stumble across interesting images while browsing the web for a this or a that. Most of the time, that is all they are: A shiny, decipher as you will. Occasionally, I come across an image in more than one location, and it’s accompanied by a bit of commentary from whomever posted it. Sometimes, it’s just facts and credits. Sometimes, what is written may strike a yawn, or worse yet, ruin my first impression of it, forever changing my interpretation adversely. And then there are those very special times, when the commentary makes me love the image ever so much more.

Today’s Caturday pic is Neil Gaiman, with his cat, Zoe.

From the tumblelog of author, Neil Gaiman.

From the LJ blog of photographer, Kyle Cassidy.

So what is in Neil Gaiman’s library? I love seeing what writers read, and on various blogs, I sometimes come across posts showing writers in their libraries, but this is just tops. Take the tour, browse some book titles, and see if you can spot another kitty.