I came across the above photos of Vincent Price the other day, listed as being from Jane Eyre. While I can definitely be described as being a life-long fan of Mr. Price, I had never really spent any time looking into his career. However, these threw me for a loop. The photo typeset on both are Universal 1939 with no film title, which is odd. On a short search, I couldn’t find a film credit to him being in a 1939 production of Jane Eyre. Anywhoo, this is just a momentary curiosity, as I’m actually not a fan of the story. To sit through another viewing of it would be a mild form of torture. (I know, I know… rude statement.)

While I’m on the topic of early Vincent Price, I can’t help but post one more. The man had class, even as a teenager. I can’t help but wonder how he sounded, way back then, upon speaking the words, “Hello, I’m Vincent Price,” or if he ever could have imagined himself in later years selling shrunken head kits.

What is it about Vincent Price that I always found irresistible? That voice. Definitely. Where is my time machine, so that I may have him read me a bedtime story?