Our Miss Amelia is growing, and growing, and… growing. In fact, the question now is, when will she stop? I’ve had more than a few people ask me, “What on earth are you feeding that cat?!” Even our vet was a wee bit thrown off by her size for her age, but aside from being wired a bit strangely in the behavior department, her check-up was a thumbs up. Recently, our tiny tiger graduated up to dog toys, and she’s quite sad to no longer be able to fit into the places where she once loved to play. Lifting her up for a snuggle is more like an act of…  “Oomph!” Don’t get me wrong, she is still currently (large) cat sized, but she seems to have not yet grown into her feet or tail.

Speaking of tiny tigers, Happy Caturday!

Source: LIFE, photos: Alfred Eisenstaedt, NY, 1944