The tiny creature is proving herself to be quite incorrigible, getting into everything, which is, of course, her job. Strangely, she’s rather fond of water, making the squirt bottle an ineffective training tool for keeping her off of the no-no areas. She rolls around in the tub after her human housemates have stepped out of the shower, she intentionally jumps onto the table to play the squirt game, and she kicks her water bowl around until she has made herself a significant puddle, and then… *flop*

She’s not entirely about being soaked throughout the day though, as she does like to hang herself dry, which is proving to be another challenge for her human housemates, as we are rather fond of using the rack for our clothes. Many a time have I found her hanging limply from the dryer rack, all fours dangling, clothing tossed to the floor. How can we get upset with her though? Upon realization that she’s been spotted, she will immediately find her footing, and reach her front paws out, as if to say, “Love me!” The cuteness compels all to melt.

Happy Caturday!