This would be Miss Amelia’s very first Caturday with us!

We weren’t actually looking to adopt another cat, but just happened to stumble upon her, and it was love at first sight.

It was several weeks ago that my browser came across her photo on Petfinder, and after our initial inquiry, found out that she was already on hold for another lucky person. We were disappointed, but glad that she had found a home. However, sometimes it pays to be the runner-up, as last week we received the call that she was still available. We brought her home yesterday and are so glad that we did!

She’s already proven herself to be quite a clever girl, by showing us that the proper way to catch those feathers on a stick is to bap them out of the hand holding onto the other end. As for the stairs, why start at the bottom? It’s a waste of time! Shouldn’t everyone know that the fastest way up them is to leap them from the couch?

Since her arrival, she’s been a mostly non-stop bundle of energy, with a purr to match. In fact, it’s hard to catch her in focus, as the camera also seems to be an exciting and pounce-worthy point of attention for her. It’s quite possible that the number of nose prints I’ve wiped off the lens exceed the number of images captured in focus.