I can’t imagine life without Lucy. It seems that I spent a good portion of my childhood television viewing time shouting, “Oh no, Lucy! Don’t do it!” I only knew her back then as that crazy redhead that was always getting into trouble. It wasn’t until later in life that I came to learn that not only had she not always been a comedian, but also that America’s favorite redhead wasn’t truly a redhead!

This weekend, in honor of her birthday, I’m once again seeing quite a bit of her on television. Because I’ve always been somewhat imprinted with the image of her in character from I Love Lucy, it always takes stumbling across one of her films to remind me that she actually was quite a lovely and talented lady, and not just that silly woman from my childhood, trying to choke down the Vitameatavegamin.

Happy 100th, Lucy!

PS – Some really fabulous previously unpublished photos of her from LIFE can be found here.